Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homemade Organic Fertilizer

Why not make your own organic fertilizer? It's so easy. Check out this link for tips how..

How to Make Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables Garden Guides

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Buy Local Goodness

Where do you buy your eggs? A large food chain that ships in their eggs from many miles away? I can only imagine what those hen houses look like. I bet you can smell them a mile away! Would you like an alternative? Check out this website and find a local farm near you. Once you crack open an egg that has just been laid ~you may never buy your eggs at a store again. After raising my own hens, I became an egg snob who could never support filthy, overcrowded, hen houses. Healthy eggs are produced by happy hens. For  me, there is no alternative to farm fresh and local. What a great gift to give my children. Organic goodness...yum!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are Flea Collars Dangerous?

Well, I guess I'm aging myself if I tell you that while growing up... the cats in my family wore flea collars. What was the alternative back in the 80's??
I never liked the smell and I always knew when my mom put a fresh collar on the family cat Blackie. Blackie would have an awful smell for days. And she was obviously bothered by the collar of chemicals strapped around her neck to protect her. Hmmm...did it really help or is that what created her nervous twitch?
A generation afraid of the Plague's return??  Flea potions have come a long way since then. Now, monthly drops are used. Fragrant free and seem to do the job. A bit pricey but a small price to pay to protect yourself from the Black Death...right?

Let's face it...fleas are gross and every pet will bring them into your home. That is the reality of having a family pet that ventures outdoors. There is simply no escape from the little travelers. Should we fear the return of the Plague? Is that why we obsess over bugs and fleas? I think not.
So I ask a few questions; do these flea potions really work? Do these concoctions do more harm than good? Just something to think about..
This link suggests that the chemicals used on flea collars just might be harmful. You decide.
Here kitty kitty..Earth Talk: Flea-collar chemicals are dangerous

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fresh Eggs Anyone?

I've been thinking about Eggs. Such a perfect little food. I love summer time since the fresh local eggs are in abundance. Once you have tried farm fresh eggs, you will never go back. If buying local is possible, why wouldn't you? A no brainer for this family. Make the healthy choice. It's good for you and good for the environment to buy fresh and local.

>Click this link for a list of local Farmer's Markets & Stands ::
Farm Stands and Markets Selling Locally Grown Fruits & Vegetables

Some thoughts from a former organic chicken farmer..
>Why do I promote Farmer's Markets...hmmm.. Well, what isn't there to love about local, fresh, organic goodness? Looking at all of the bright colors of the gorgeous tomatoes, carrots, peppers of all kinds and that beautiful, yellow sweet local corn. A rainbow of natures bounty. Oh yum! Reminds me of being a kid. My mother would get so excited (still does) to buy fresh produce and I guess I have inherited that "produce loving" gene. Happy to have it and pass it down to my kids.

I ask you this :: Why would one choose processed foods over Farm Fresh Perfection?

Have you ever bought farm, fresh eggs? Try it. They don't even look the same as store bought eggs. You'll never go back once you've cracked open a perfect little gem, fresh and still warm from the hen house.
Do you know where the eggs in your fridge are from? Or better yet, do you have any idea when those eggs were layed? Scary thought!
I had a chicken farm in Vermont. I loved my egg layers ...aka My Girls. Every morning I would slip on my wellies, tie my night gown in a knot, grab a basket and head out the door. Both dogs would follow me to the hen house..
"Good Morning Girls" I would say to them everyday. They would graciously give me their morning miracle as I slowly slipped my hand in the coop to fetch the gift. All different sizes and shades. I gently put them in the basket, tossed some grain in the trough and some fresh water for the day... I would open up the door to the hen house and out they went. Searching for grass hoppers and basking in the morning sun. Happy girls they were..
My hens were free range and hearty. They ate less grain and were much happier cruising around my farm all day as opposed to those poor hens that are laying machines living in small cages. Horrible life for those poor chickens!
My hens would help with the gardening by eating bugs and caterpillars off the broccoli and lettuce. They would then work their way through the apple orchard hoping to find some fresh fruit on the ground. They never traveled too far but they had their routine. The last stop for the girls was always to perch on the fence post while snacking on grapes growing in massive vines around the split rail fence.

Wonderful memories!!

Wouldn't you rather have an egg from a happy chicken?
                                  Happy Organic Gardening!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Garden Pics--Because I'm Obsessed!!

While I was peeking through the huge, squash foliage I came across a watermelon!! I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw it. I check it about 10 times a day to make sure Chippy--the resident chipmunk (that taunts me like a bully) has not taken a taste of the organic goodness.
I am completely obsessed with taking pictures of my garden. Such a labor of love. It just makes me smile even though I am on my 5th round of the evil Poison Ivy. It's worth the itch!! Happy Organic Gardening Green Beings!

My First Watermelon!! Such a cool surprise!
She's a beauty! Pumpkins anyone?

My Berry Picker

The Garden Is Growing!!

I am having so much fun this year with my garden. The kids have been a great help and what a learning experience it's been for them. I miss my farm in Vermont but hey--at least I have a little garden this year.
Some pics to share with you...
My Pumpkin!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Poison Ivy Story

I suppose it's the price I pay for clearing land for a garden--poison ivy that is. That stuff is friggin' evil! I knew it was there and tried to be mindful when removing it but I am so damn allergic I would probably get it from just looking at it. Oh, and the best part is that I clearly have a few different strains going on. Good God I look like a leper!
I learned that the resin from the leaf can stay on an object for up to a year. NICE! My clothing, rake, all of my garden tools... EVERYTHING is contaminated not to mention my favorite pair of wellies that I am terrified to touch.
So the doc put me on an oral steroid because it was so close to my eyes. I am not sure if it helped or not but I took it all like a good girl. She told me it would make me jittery and hungry. Got the jitters and got sick to my stomach. Never got the munchies. It tasted horrible and I complained to the hubs like a school girl. Poor fella. I was pathetic..
This started 3 weeks ago and I am still riddled with this crap! Not sure how but I keep reinfecting myself. Hello summer!
Just had to share my most recent calamity. Poison Ivy is from HELL! Be careful out there!

Plastic Bags are so Uncool!

A Plastic Bag Ban in Connecticut? Reusable may be “The New Norm”
I hope they do ban plastic bags. You can make a difference if you try. Let's set a good example for our children. Isn't their future important to you?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beautiful-Organic Green Beans

There is nothing more beautiful then fresh fruits and veggies. I had to share my treasures with you. Green beans are abundant at the Green Being Mom's house! My first one of the season..

Garden Peas: Indoor vs Outdoor

I am so excited to finally see stuff popping up in my garden. I took some pics to show the difference between the seeds I started outside vs inside. The out door seedlings are so much heartier. They have thicker leaves and much stronger stems.They took 2 weeks to pop up (under difficult circumstances w/ May frosts!!). I was starting to think the chipmunks found them and then.. Voila!! Out they came.
My indoor peas were sprouting in 2-3 days but as you can see, the stems are not as strong. I lost my first batch of indoor within days of putting them on my deck (the garden was no ready yet:(--and I was so disappointed that Mother Nature got the best of them..
I just had to share my little treasures with you. Thanks for visiting & happy gardening.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organic Peas!

My new babies! It took them 2 weeks to pop up out of the ground. I thought for sure the May frost in Ct got the best of them. They are growing hearty. The only problem with fresh peas is getting them in the house. I can sit in the garden and eat them all day! Happy organic gardening!

Interesting Read on Food in America

The Food Movement, Rising The New York Review of Books
This is an example of why this country is so over weight. Food seems to be low on the priority list for some folks. Do you put the expensive gas in your car or do you go for the cheaper? Your body is like a car and it too needs fuel. Are you going to feed it the good stuff and treat it like a luxury vehicle?
It is amazing how a well balanced diet with fresh organic foods can change your life. Try it.



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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Birds First Flight!

My son and I heard a commotion outside this morning so I peeked out my kitchen window and this is what I saw..

The baby birds we have been watching decided to take off and fly!

They frolicked in this bush for a while--then they discovered my garden. They felt the need to take mud baths and they rolled around like silly puppies!

My son and I were in awe. What a way to start the day!

Mobile Solar Power! So Cool!

World's largest mobile solar power system hits movie sets MNN - Mother Nature Network
This is the future people! Check this out. Simply brilliant! Who needs oil?

Avoid Antibacterial Products

Avoid Antibacterial Products

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disposable Wipes vs Cloth Wipes

OK--so the debate is on Disposable or Cloth wipes??  I can assure you there is no debate in my house. I could not survive--at least with my sanity--if I gave up disposable wipes. I tried cloth wipes in my own gentle solution and that about pushed me over the edge as my baby grew. It's fine with a new born but once those poops get bigger...forget it! Sometimes in life, we come across messes that simply need to be cleaned with a disposable wipe. And I'm not just talking about diapering issues! Have you ever encountered and unidentified mess of some sort? Is your first instinct to smell it? (mine used to be!!) If you are a parent, I am certain you have found yourself in this sticky situation. And as you dispose of the mess I am sure you are also grateful not to revisit that mess in the laundry room. On an eco-friendly note:: I bet I used twice as much water when using cloth wipes because I used so darn many! With my sensitive septic system, cloth wipes just weren't working for this family.
Since I'm giving these disposable bad boys a plug, let me tell you what else I use them for: cleaning hands and faces on the move, messes in my car, removing make-up (thank you Martha Stewart for all these uses for baby wipes!) I would feel naked without a stash of baby wipes in my purse.
So there you have it..
This eco-friendly- Green Being is addicted to baby wipes!
Thanks for visiting & keep up the green work.

Try it!! You'll LOVE it!!

On Route 7. Check it out. So worth it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

So Easy to Save Energy

Simple Energy Savings Real Simple
I always unplug my appliances when I am done using them. This really makes a difference.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

All-Natural Cleaning Solutions Real Simple
Also::one of my favorite things to clean with is my Steamer. No cleaning products needed. Just steam. Love it! I can clean the sinks, tubs, floors with just water! So satisfying not to smell horrible bleach!
I also use baking soda when I need something to get the soap scum off the tub or yucky marks out of the potty. Works like a charm.
I use a vinegar and water solution to clean my counters. Ok--it smells a little funky at first (don't make it too strong. A little vinegar goes a long way). The scent dissapates quickly and the best part is if you accidently squirt yourself in the face>and yes, I have done this>you won't have to flush your eyes out worrying you will go blind.
Simple tips I learned from NICU nurses when my daughter was born preemie and had a long stay in the hospital. Those nurses are information machines! I wanted to keep all chemicals out of the house. We have done this now for 8 years and I wouldn't change a thing!
So not only will you save a buck or two, you are being kind to your lungs and Mother Earth.
Keep up the Green work!

How to Care for Potted Plants | Real Simple

How to Care for Potted Plants Real Simple

New Beginning at 40!

I am so excited to launch this blog. Finally, just after my 40th bday I decided to jump right in. I started off with the Ridgefield Info Moma blog and realized that I limited my self to a small audience. I have so much to say--and those who know me would chuckle at that statement being that I have never been shy about speaking my mind.
Social networking has been such a powerful part of my life as a stay at home mom. It's not just about keeping in touch with old buddies from high school and college. It's so much more--if you want it to be.
Welcome to the blog community!
>The women, parents, people in general that I am meeting through common blogs is truly amazing. The way women reach out to women in the blog world is impressive and I embrace it! I have received valuable parental support and in return I always try to reach out when giving the opportunity.
After devouring Facebook and Twitter, and seeing the speed and power of information sharing, I felt that I could use this powerful tool to help others like me connect and share. Whether it's ideas about solar power or nutritious snacks for your kids the conversation is on!
Thanks for checking in!

Governments must act swiftly to salvage biodiversity, UN report finds

Governments must act swiftly to salvage biodiversity, UN report finds

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Reducing, Reusing, Recycling 101 | Real Simple

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling 101 Real Simple

10 Unexpected Natural Cleaners | Real Simple

10 Unexpected Natural Cleaners Real Simple

Cape Wind cuts key deal |

Cape Wind cuts key deal |

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