Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rotavirus Vaccines Safe-Don't skip it!

Rotavirus Vaccines Safe Despite Pig Virus - Healthy Kids and Pediatrics - Information on Children's Health produced by doctors

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  1. Ignorance is what keeps parents from safely vaccinating their kids. Do your homework and know your kid. Don't be afraid of vaccines! They save lives. If you are unsure--talk to your child's dr. If she/he won't work with you, then find one that will. I like to spread my kids vaccines a bit more. For instance--I don't think it is ever good to give a child 4-5 different vaccines in one day. And any good doctor will be okay with this. Good doctors welcome involved parents. You should know every vaccine on your kids schedule b/f entering the exam room for well baby/kid check ups. An informed parent is the best kind!