Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disposable Wipes vs Cloth Wipes

OK--so the debate is on Disposable or Cloth wipes??  I can assure you there is no debate in my house. I could not survive--at least with my sanity--if I gave up disposable wipes. I tried cloth wipes in my own gentle solution and that about pushed me over the edge as my baby grew. It's fine with a new born but once those poops get bigger...forget it! Sometimes in life, we come across messes that simply need to be cleaned with a disposable wipe. And I'm not just talking about diapering issues! Have you ever encountered and unidentified mess of some sort? Is your first instinct to smell it? (mine used to be!!) If you are a parent, I am certain you have found yourself in this sticky situation. And as you dispose of the mess I am sure you are also grateful not to revisit that mess in the laundry room. On an eco-friendly note:: I bet I used twice as much water when using cloth wipes because I used so darn many! With my sensitive septic system, cloth wipes just weren't working for this family.
Since I'm giving these disposable bad boys a plug, let me tell you what else I use them for: cleaning hands and faces on the move, messes in my car, removing make-up (thank you Martha Stewart for all these uses for baby wipes!) I would feel naked without a stash of baby wipes in my purse.
So there you have it..
This eco-friendly- Green Being is addicted to baby wipes!
Thanks for visiting & keep up the green work.

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  1. I'm sticking to it.. ~I simply don't know what I would do without disposable wipes!
    If anyone out there has any other options..please...do tell =)