Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Peas: Indoor vs Outdoor

I am so excited to finally see stuff popping up in my garden. I took some pics to show the difference between the seeds I started outside vs inside. The out door seedlings are so much heartier. They have thicker leaves and much stronger stems.They took 2 weeks to pop up (under difficult circumstances w/ May frosts!!). I was starting to think the chipmunks found them and then.. Voila!! Out they came.
My indoor peas were sprouting in 2-3 days but as you can see, the stems are not as strong. I lost my first batch of indoor within days of putting them on my deck (the garden was no ready yet:(--and I was so disappointed that Mother Nature got the best of them..
I just had to share my little treasures with you. Thanks for visiting & happy gardening.

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