Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Healthy Home For Abby

Hello Friends,

As a mother of 2, I have many stories to share of this journey through life. I write this post to share with you how and why I removed the toxic chemicals from my home.

My first born. My sweet baby girl Abby. She came into this world two months early. Small but mighty. My little 3 pound bundle of love. I knew my life from this day forward would never be the same.

Within an hour of her birth, the nurse detected a problem. She could not swallow. Her esophagus went into a sack instead of emptying into her tummy. I will never forget those words from the NICU doctor..." Your daughter has a condition that is not sustainable to life. She needs surgery immediately.." She was rushed to a New York City Hospital. My heart began to break. No words could express how I felt.

After 8 long weeks in the hospital, I finally got to take my baby girl home. I was terrified. We were able to successfully breast feed and she began to heal..

Abby also has a compromised immune system along with asthma. She's one of those kids that gets REALLY sick when she gets a cold. This is why I began to detox my home. It is something I CAN do to help my daughter.

Abby had a long stay in the NICU. I watched those nurses like a Hawk! They cleaned with white vinegar and taught me so many ways to clean and disinfect in an Eco friendly, safe way that won't hurt my baby's fragile lungs. Those nurses were amazing.

~~~>So here are the cleaning products that I use. No need to lock them up..
I have a spray bottle of h2o & white vinegar.  I use this as my all purpose spray. It's also good for glass and mirrors for no streaks. I know the smell is a turn off at first but keep in mind that it dissipates fast. It is also very inexpensive but more importantly, it won't hurt your lungs!!  You can't say that about most all purpose cleaners. How many cleaners do you have that you can also ingest? I've got two for you!

Okay, so you need something to get rid of the soap scum in the tub or the icky, sticky stuff your child left in the potty. Try baking soda. It will not only get rid of the slimey soap build up but it will also whiten the grout on the tiles. And again, you can eat it...although I don't reccommend it unless you are baking ;)

One other big change we made was to clean with a Steam Cleaner. You use WATER!!!!!!!  I use this on my tile and wood floors. You can also get attachments to clean sinks, tubs...the possibilities are endless. You can click on my Amazon link and search "Steam Cleaners" to see what would work for you. They are reasonably priced and worth every penny.

I made these changes for my daughter. That was 8 years ago and I would never go back to buying those toxic cleaners. Why not clean with items that you cook with? Such a simple way to make a difference.

I would love to hear from you so please share you ideas on how to keep a healthy home. It's so worth it.

Thanks! -Lisa