Saturday, June 2, 2012

Disposable Baby Wipes-Good vs Evil

OK--so I'm not so green when it comes to baby wipes. I tried the whole "cloth wipes in my own mild solution" thing and decided it just wasn't for me. Those messy poops & unidentified messes simply needed disposable wipes for my own sanity. On a greener note.. I felt like I was doing twice as much laundry w/ cloth diapers and wipes so I gave in. I am weak! NO, just practical.
Frankly, I don't know which is more eco-friendly-disposable or cloth- but I do know that at those moments in life when I am in need of a baby wipe for something I simply cannot touch, I bow to the baby wipe Gods for inventing such a thing.  Sometimes it's a matter of convenience and I just could not live without my baby wipes. I not only use them for diapering--I use them to clean hands on the move, clean messes in the car, taking off make-up (love that one! Thx Martha Stewart!) I keep a stash of wipes in my purse at ALL times.
So there you go.
I confess, I cannot live without disposable wipes!
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