Monday, May 10, 2010

New Beginning at 40!

I am so excited to launch this blog. Finally, just after my 40th bday I decided to jump right in. I started off with the Ridgefield Info Moma blog and realized that I limited my self to a small audience. I have so much to say--and those who know me would chuckle at that statement being that I have never been shy about speaking my mind.
Social networking has been such a powerful part of my life as a stay at home mom. It's not just about keeping in touch with old buddies from high school and college. It's so much more--if you want it to be.
Welcome to the blog community!
>The women, parents, people in general that I am meeting through common blogs is truly amazing. The way women reach out to women in the blog world is impressive and I embrace it! I have received valuable parental support and in return I always try to reach out when giving the opportunity.
After devouring Facebook and Twitter, and seeing the speed and power of information sharing, I felt that I could use this powerful tool to help others like me connect and share. Whether it's ideas about solar power or nutritious snacks for your kids the conversation is on!
Thanks for checking in!

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