Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fresh Eggs Anyone?

I've been thinking about Eggs. Such a perfect little food. I love summer time since the fresh local eggs are in abundance. Once you have tried farm fresh eggs, you will never go back. If buying local is possible, why wouldn't you? A no brainer for this family. Make the healthy choice. It's good for you and good for the environment to buy fresh and local.

>Click this link for a list of local Farmer's Markets & Stands ::
Farm Stands and Markets Selling Locally Grown Fruits & Vegetables

Some thoughts from a former organic chicken farmer..
>Why do I promote Farmer's Markets...hmmm.. Well, what isn't there to love about local, fresh, organic goodness? Looking at all of the bright colors of the gorgeous tomatoes, carrots, peppers of all kinds and that beautiful, yellow sweet local corn. A rainbow of natures bounty. Oh yum! Reminds me of being a kid. My mother would get so excited (still does) to buy fresh produce and I guess I have inherited that "produce loving" gene. Happy to have it and pass it down to my kids.

I ask you this :: Why would one choose processed foods over Farm Fresh Perfection?

Have you ever bought farm, fresh eggs? Try it. They don't even look the same as store bought eggs. You'll never go back once you've cracked open a perfect little gem, fresh and still warm from the hen house.
Do you know where the eggs in your fridge are from? Or better yet, do you have any idea when those eggs were layed? Scary thought!
I had a chicken farm in Vermont. I loved my egg layers ...aka My Girls. Every morning I would slip on my wellies, tie my night gown in a knot, grab a basket and head out the door. Both dogs would follow me to the hen house..
"Good Morning Girls" I would say to them everyday. They would graciously give me their morning miracle as I slowly slipped my hand in the coop to fetch the gift. All different sizes and shades. I gently put them in the basket, tossed some grain in the trough and some fresh water for the day... I would open up the door to the hen house and out they went. Searching for grass hoppers and basking in the morning sun. Happy girls they were..
My hens were free range and hearty. They ate less grain and were much happier cruising around my farm all day as opposed to those poor hens that are laying machines living in small cages. Horrible life for those poor chickens!
My hens would help with the gardening by eating bugs and caterpillars off the broccoli and lettuce. They would then work their way through the apple orchard hoping to find some fresh fruit on the ground. They never traveled too far but they had their routine. The last stop for the girls was always to perch on the fence post while snacking on grapes growing in massive vines around the split rail fence.

Wonderful memories!!

Wouldn't you rather have an egg from a happy chicken?
                                  Happy Organic Gardening!!

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