Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vaccine Debate? To Vacinate or Not. That is the Question

A friend of mine just moved back east after being gone for many years. She needed help finding doctors, dentists, preschools...etc.
So I recommended my family doctor (whom I adore & have been going to for 10 years) and she made an appointment for her 3 year old. When my doctor saw the child's immunization record he could not hold back his opinion. The child had never had a vaccine. In fact, none of her three kids were vaccinated. This was a conscious choice my friend made. She did her homework and is also highly educated. She did not make this choice lightly.
The doctor began to tell her that her that she was putting her children (and other children) at risk and that is was NOT a good idea to skip vaccinations. She was very insulted with his attitude ad felt that he was judging her (he was!).
It's safe to say that my friend never saw that doctor again. She found a local doctor that was more her style. Out of the 40 something vaccines recommended by doctors in America, this doctor only thinks 12 are necessary. He follows a European style of vaccines.

This is a personal issue. I believe we as parents have the choice as long as we educate ourselves on the topic.
I chose to vaccinate my kids but there are shots that I skipped for personal reasons. I am a stay at home mom so my kids are not exposed to as many germs as a day care child would be. I usually do flu shots but there have been years that I dropped the ball on that one.
The bottom line, is that it is our choice as parents. I feel that the doctor was a little harsh on my friend. Before any well baby visit, I empower myself with information so I know what to expect. I do my homework on vaccines and any other issues that might come up. I have a conversation with the doctor or nurse and together, we make the best decision on what is appropriate for my children.
So this article below discusses vaccines at school. I look forward to passing this along to my friend and asking her opinion on it. What do you think? Should this be done at school?

Doctors have mixed reaction to vaccinations at school

I just found another interesting article @
The title of the piece is "5 Dangerous Vaccination Myths"
Do check it out :)

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